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Understanding the Global Economy

Comprensión de la
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This letter is in outreach to Peace Studies courses that may have formed since 2000. The Peace Studies and related curricula may have grown by that date because war increases the threat of systemic annihilation; so, too has the need to counter it with the peace, nonviolence and social justice. Moreover, the book Understanding the Global Economy and its online features:

• interaction with the author,
• expanding pdf of review questions,
• list serve interaction with other students and
• networking with organizations and communities of solidarity help make the book an exceptional value as a textbook for peace studies.

Dear Professors of Peace Studies and related curricula:

The second edition of Understanding the Global Economy by Howard Richards, Research Professor of Peace and Global Studies at Earlham College went to print August 2004. The book is useful as a text for higher education Peace Studies. It has a thorough index, review questions, online resources and a companion workbook with advanced projects and review questions in both pdf and other print formats.

Foreword by Betty Reardon: Peace Studies Chair Emeritus at Columbia University and the Peace Education Center. From the foreword to the first edition, © 2000:

As a peace educator, I find this book to be, above all, an instructive model of modes of scholarship, argument, and exposition, which, I believe, should be added to the curricula of peace studies. The author defines and advocates holism as an essential component of his proposed problem solving method. He practices holism in his expositions, which explore multiple theories from various disciplines. He integrates those elements into a unified and comprehensive view of the global economy and the thinking that conceived and developed it. —Betty Reardon, Peace Studies, Columbia University.

Another review:

Howard Richards weaves his passion for philosophy, education and law into this second edition of a book that will significantly effect how we view global economy. The book contains extensive notes, review questions, explicit charts and even a global economy web site with links and papers. This inspiring book is an invaluable addition to any Peace and Global Studies curriculum. The International Peace Research community, especially from the global South, salutes the work of our companero: Howard Richards.”—Bernedette Muthien, Director of Engender in Cape town, South Africa—

"A lively, humanistic alternative paradigm for the transformation of the global economy." —Mahendra Kumar, Editor: Gandhi Marga

"Systematic, thorough, with the ethics and morality the world needs now" —Mary Evelyn Jegen , SND, Pax Christi International

"An indispensable account of What Is." —Ken Willing, Mcquarrie University, Australia

From the introduction:

The effects on global politics are profound; they include the rise of the power of China and Southeast Asia and the matching decline of the power of the West. The indirect effects, to which global trading patterns contribute as causal factors, are even more profound, such as

About the author, Howard Richards:

Co-chair of the Global Political Economy Commission of the International Peace Research Association, which is affiliated with UNESCO • holds three earned doctorates, studied at Yale, Oxford, Harvard, University of California at Santa Barbara, University of Toronto and Stanford Law School • has some of his other published books on-line • presents teach-ins worldwide about the historical and theoretical background, issues and solutions to the global economy • has formed an active model community in the US—The Soul Community—based upon solidarity and cooperation • served as the first volunteer attorney for Caesar Chavez in Delano, CA in the early 1960s • rides bicycle, bus and other mass transit instead of owning and driving a car (since 1989).

Peace and Social Justice Studies curricula: For a free copy of Understanding the Global Economy, check the review copy box on the enclosed order form. Use the book as a text and the author will present, live, to your classes his teach-in about the global economy (PowerPoint with Q & A and comments). Please see the enclosed flier for details; by request, the powerPoint file will be sent.

David Faubion, editor, Peace Education Books • 805-744-8142

Review: Chains of Fortune: Linking Women Producers and Workers with Global Markets Discussion: Understanding the Global Economy, 2nd edition July, 2004. Author posts to questions and commentary. The Peace and Justice Studies Association works to create a just and peaceful world through: 1) promoting peace studies within universities, colleges and k-12 grade levels 2) networks for educators, students, activists and other peace practitioners to enhance each other's work for peace, 3) nurturing alternatives to structures of inequality, injustice and violence—through education, research, and action.

Blossoms on the Olive Tree: Israeli and Palestinian Women Working for Peace, by Janet Powers

"The book highlights women on both sides of the political divide who reach out to each other, engage in bi-national dialogue, and challenge ongoing violence. Despite severe societal restraints in carving out political space for themselves, women in both societies have devised creative opportunities. Powers documents the women's working committees attached to Palestinian political parties and the creativity of Israeli women striving to "civil-ize" their society. Ironically, it is their marginalization that offers women space to engage in their peace-building efforts. The book ends with a clarion call for the implementation of UN Resolution 1325, which requires the presences of women at the highest levels of peace negotiations. Women, with their commitment to reconciliation and healing, bring a significant vision to the enterprise of peace-building, and Powers suggests that it's high time they be taken seriously."


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