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Understanding the Global Economy

Comprensión de la
economía mundial

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Update: 8/1/18

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Main purpose

For this site, the main purpose begins and ends in what the URL name —understanding economy .org, at least, implies that is to build a broader knowledge, awareness, contemplation and inquiry about economics. The term —global and the term —economy are, in the mainstream, terms most people recognize relatively well; the two words together as a new term of which most folks have at least a vague sense Thus, the phrase global economy and the URL suffix info would suggest—a body of information in favor and/or against global markets.

More goals:

The site presents an integration of methodologies to the goal of a renewal of economic educating. The aim of this is to bring optimal understanding, which will provide the means and method as tools for an alternative economics of solidarity. The final goal of transforming the current prevailing global system so that economics has a unified objective: planetary interest of all, instead of self-interests. The immediate goal is that of research, outreach and link to solidarity into the linkage and transformation from the dominate model of economics to the cultural economics of local communities. Re-linking economics to culture makes it much easier for the practice of classical economics as a moral philosophy. Culture is the gregarious glue and liberating libation that sustains an economic community. Making the often complex intricacies economics easier to grasp is central to all our goals, for dialog and conversation amongst neighbors to flourish into action.

Neighbors, visitors, guests, and then cohabitant residents (NVGC)

A goal for this web site, not yet begun, is to make this site an interactive forums with weblog for all of us to use in dialog about economics. The various NVGC, as part of the goal of this site, will likely have a wide range of educations. Therefore, the site will speak the social activist and the layperson via a distillation to summary, which will simplify the research produced largely by academia. The prime directive of this is to facilitate a media for all voices and stories of experience, which have to be respected, heard and listen to here at the table of economics, if, as a species, we want peace and a meaningful future.

Technology likely to view these pages:

Visitors on this site will use a wide range of web connection speeds; so, the aim is to accommodate the slowest of the speeds so that everyone is included. We can assume that the range of monitors that display the site would be from the legacy to the sophisticated. Thus, as part of the ethic at play in the overall objective of the site, the page display aims to please every viewer though it will strive first to accommodate those with the least advantage and those who are content—through necessity or willingness—with the legacy technology.


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