Understanding the Global Economy

Comprensión de la
economía mundial

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Update: 12/30/13

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This site is based on this book, which describes an economic practice with a goal of meeting the needs of all life on Earth. The book
  • advocates a sustainable growth that is living within the budget of Planet Earth
  • describes an economic model that assures goods and services necessary for of life of high quality of life indicators, and
  • explains how life is brought back into balance in the model always at work in ecology and in a few human alternative economies a web of life: the sustainable economic model.

The mainstream economy (ME), the competitative market for profit and growth is effective for fewer of us. The ME can work for all of us and it ought to choose that duty as its ethics. We explain to the ME how to do the necessary work of care for all life.

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New:12/28/2013Immigrant Rights and Political Economic Asylum : A full page with lots of links—dedicated to it

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