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FAQ about Israel PalestineEach FAQ links to the myth behind it

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Why don’t the Palestinians move to Jordan [or] why don’t Arab states, such as Jordan, take in their Palestinian brothers and sisters?  myth#8, #16 Even if the Arab states including Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt were willing and/or able to take Palestinians into their countries that would still impose a gross injustice upon the Palestinian people; it would not lessen the crimes (invasion, occupation, ethnic cleansing, etc.) by Israel, with support from the United States.

2. Israel exceeds all Arab states in terms of quality of life such as democracy, women’s rights, education and social services; so, Israel deserves to take what it wants from inferior states and people. #5, #7 Israel has a higher quality of life than Arab states only for Jews. The 20% Israelis who are Palestinian are denied equal rights and half are living in poverty. Some of the advantage of the state of Israel is because the U.S. has given an average of three billion dollars per year to Israel since 1967 (Israel is the single larges recipient of U.S. foreign aid). Israel controls the resources of Palestine, such as water and land. The U.S. has economic power over its Arab allies: Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and the U.S. puppet states of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan. Most Arab states have a wide disparity between rich and poor, lack social services, and have repressive governments due to the U.S. military and economic force in the region.

If military power were turned in favor of Palestine, they would kill Jews indiscriminately and without hesitation. #10 Arabs, especially Palestinians, might do that in the current context of apartheid and ethnic cleansing—you would too! In a context of full right of return, reparations and full equality in a single secular democratic state for all of historic Palestine—none of the blowback that you fear would occur. In effect, peace through justice would prevail.

Palestinians want to kill all the Jews in Israel. Arabs want to drive Israel into the sea. #5, #8,  #10That is false; Palestinians want the full right of return for all their refugees; Palestinians want reparations for all their losses at the hands of the state of Israel; Palestinians want full equality in a single secular democratic state for all of historic Palestine.

Arabs have always been antagonists of the Jews. There has always been an enmity between the Arabs and the Jews. #10, #12, #13 That is false. Most of the enmity between the two brothers of Abraham has been since 1948, upon the founding of the state of Israel. Before the Zionist project gained a strong foothold in Palestine, Jews, Christians and Muslims lived in relative harmony throughout historic Palestine.

6. Jews have a right to a religious state of Israel—at any cost—because of the holocaust. #13, #5, #17What happened in Europe does not justify the killing, punishment, expulsion and denial of human rights to Palestinians for the crimes of the Germans; the policy of Israel punishes innocent bystanders for the crimes of others. The state of Israel, therefore, has copied the same racist hostility of the Nazi; the cycles of hatred and violence persist, much of it at the behest of the U.S. and UK. 

7. Jews have a historic right to a state [Israel] in that part of the region. #2  Even if there is a historical link, the state of Israel has no right to force Palestinians out of their homes. Nor does Israel have the right to oppress Palestinians with illegal occupation, which includes torture, curfews, forced travel restrictions, illegal detention, exclusionary walls, illegal searches, arbitrary killing and maiming, theft of water and other resources and destruction of agriculture. 

8. Palestine was and still is just a territory ripe for the picking by any group that chooses to settle there. Unless and until it is recognized [by the international community] as a state, Palestine has no legal standing and, thus, cannot challenge the legality of the state of Israel's acquisitions and settlements. #1 International Law and the UN Resolutions 242 in 1967—ban further incursion into Palestinian territory and call for Israel to end its occupation and withdraw from all seized land of other states and territories.

9. The U.N. Resolution in 1947, created Israel on what was once Palestinian territory; therefore, Israel has the right to that land and more as it sees fit.  #2 The 1947 UN parsing of Palestine did not allow Israel to violate UN Resolutions of occupation, forced eviction, denial of right of return and other human rights violations. Moreover, the 1947 UN ruling is illegal under International Law because it allows Israel to expel Palestinians.

10. In 1967, the Arab states of Egypt, Syria and Jordan lost to Israel [the six-day Arab-Israeli War]; thus, to Israel go the spoils of war. #10, #11 Israel was the actual aggressor, although as preemptive measure, not the Arab states. On June 5, 1967, Israel launched a pre-emptive attack against Egypt's air force, fearing an imminent invasion by Egypt. At the war's end, Israel had control of the Sinai Peninsula, the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights of Syria. The results adversely affect relations between Israel and the Arab states to this day. By illegally holding onto land that it seized in Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Palestine—Israel shows that Egypt had reason to be anxious about Israel’s aggression—and seizure of land in Arab states and Palestinian territory.
11. What about the incivility and terror of Hamas [one of Palestine's leading political parties] on Israeli civilians? #14 If you do not like the Palestinian resistance, then end the occupation of Palestine; incivility and terror will stop (in a New York minute); the terror starts and ends with Israeli policy as endorsed by U.S. foreign policy and military aid.

12. Israel is only retaliating against terrorist aggression. If Israel does not expand settlements, impose curfew, build walls and generally repress Palestinians, then terrorism against Israeli civilians will be unchecked and, thus, escalate. #5,  #10, #12 The criminal expansion by the state of Israel came first before retaliation by Palestinians. Israel drove Palestinians out of their homes, destroyed their homes and killed and maimed Palestinians first—before the Palestinians picked up a single stone in retaliation.

13. Are you saying that all Jews should leave Israel? #5, #8, #13, #14 No, Israel must become a secular state with equal rights under the rule of law for all Palestinians,, which means the full right of return and full reparations for all displaced Palestinians.

14. You hate Jews [or] you are a self-hating Jew! #14 Wrong! I love Jews who are righteous about Palestinians, Lebanese, Syrians and other neighbors of Israel. I do hate how Zionist Israel, by way of U.S. foreign policy, has co-opted and undermined Judaism, which I know to be humanitarian.

15. “Have you been to Israel? Go; you will see why Israel should have what it wants." What is your point? #9

Myths about or in support of Israel—The myths link back to corresponding numbered FAQ above.

1. Palestine is a land with no people; there is no such thing as a Palestinian. FAQ #8  (The powerful state vs. a mere territory without protections: legal, international recognition, military and military alliances)

2. Israel is the Jewish homeland; it belongs to the Jews as historic Israel. #7

3. Israel was necessary as a response to anti-Semitism and the holocaust. #6

4. Palestinians and all Arabs are anti-Semitic (anti-Jewish) and, thus, were opposed to partition. #5

5. Israel is surrounded by a sea of hostile countries bent on the destruction of it.  #12, #13

6. It is a religious conflict. #5   

7. The only democracy in the Middle East is the Jewish state of Israel.#2

8. Palestinians do not want to live with Jews; Jews only want peace. #4,   •   #13

9. Jews made the desert bloom. #2

10. Powerful Arab armies invaded Israel in 1948 intent on pushing the Jews into the sea. #3, #4, #5, #10, #12

11. The "generous offer" and the peace "process" show Israel's motivation for a just peace. #10

12. Jews bought the land.          

13. Israel represents all Jews. #5#13

Israeli Violations of Human Rights in Palestine

14. The violence is perpetrated primarily by Palestinians, for no reason. #4#11#13   #14

15. Palestinians choose life in the refugee camps as a political tool.

16. Jews only have one place in the world, whereas Palestinians can go live in any Arab country. #1

17. Israel has the right to exist as a Jewish state. #6

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