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Understanding the
Global Economy

Comprensión de
la economía mundial

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Update: 8/2/18

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Factory farmworker, often women

This book explains how and why the global economy is now the dominate and intractable organized economic force for the foreseeable future. The book prooves this by way of economic theory,  history, ethics and social science. It explains how we can resist globalization, cope with it and overcome it by using an alternative theory and practice, historical models, science and the ethics of care, such as the gift economy. It builds you the direct bridge from your circle of economic transcendence of the globalization to your having a local peace and, then a world of peace.


Traditional peasant farmingThe book reveals the historical basis for global markets and explains the relevant economic theories. It includes the ethics, ideology, inclusive research of the important schools and scholars of economics. The book addresses some of the key recent issues and events of the ongoing economic failure. The author examines the failed alternatives and theoretical solutions. Through the intellectual background with an expose of the current crisis, the author leads us to a Factory farmworkseemingly ironic prescription, which he lives—the willful humanity in solidarity with those who need it, the strong head via the gentle heart that knows no bounds. The author presents this as the alternative to business as usual and as a challenge to the owner class.The author presents the solution through an analysis of the economic history from antiquity United Farm Workers marchthrough the present, observations and research of the likely solutions and his decades of proactive work to enact the lasting solution.



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