Understanding the Global Economy

Comprensión de la
economía mundial

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Letters from Quebec: a Philosophy for Peace and Justice, by Howard Richards

  1. The Healing Process and Sacred Texts
  2. What the World Needs now
  3. Who Will Change the World?
  4. Let Our Words be Acts of Love
  5. What Love Could Be
  6. Sermon on Foucault, "Love's Truth"
  7. Fighting the System

Dilemmas of Social Democracies by Howard Richards and Joanna Swanger 1.

1. On Cooperation and Sharing
2. Making Invisible Causes Visible
3. Spanish Socialism: a Tragedy, a Farce or a Conceptual Error?
4. Swedish Social Democracy, a Modest Hypothesis
5. Sweden's Rehn-Meidner Model: too Good to be True or the Stumbling Blocks of Freedom and Property
6. The Revenge of the Iron Law of Wages
7. Hjalmar Branting's Uppfostran (upbringing)
8. Karl Poppers Vienna or the Straitjacket of Mainstream Social Science
9. Islam and Economic Rationality in Indonesia
10. The Stones that the Builders Rejected
11. Middle Class Values
12. The Venezuela that Might Have Been
13. Social Democracy on a World Scale: the World Bank and the Logic of Love
14. Epilogue, Bibliography, about the Authors

Life on a Small Planet: a Philosophy of Value—by Howard Richards, Philosophical Library 1966

An Essay about Aspects of Jean-Paul Sartre's Concept of Nothingness—by Howard Richards,1963

Gandhi Reconsidered  a work in progres, Chapter IV: Tariq Ali

Libros para Latinoamericanos en colaboration
con autores Latinoamericanos

La Ciencia Social al Servicio de la Esperanza— by Howard Richards, Santiago, Chile CIDE, 1989.

The Moral Economy of Hope —by Howard Richards con Carolina Richards. La Paz: The Bolivian Center for Educational Research and Development, y Acción Educativas, 1989.

Etica y Economía. Cartago, Costa Rica—Editorial Tecnologica de Costa Rica, 1987

Solidaridad, Participación, Transparencia:
Rosario, Argentina
—by Howard Richards y Inés Bertero

Taller de Evaluación Iluminativa
— by Howard Richards y Javier Corvalán


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