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Understanding the Global Economy

Comprensión de la
economía mundial

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Update: 8/2/18

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 How do we encourage the responsible exercise of the rights and the duties of property ownership, which, at best, must be stewardship?

2. How are we channeling the benefits of natural resources and other kinds of property so that more people enjoy them?

The wheel of social change

St. Thomas University Just Peace Engaged Learning Praxis3. What are we doing to move beyond the commercial society, which has its’ basis on contractual relationships between mutually indifferent buyers and sellers toward a truly human society whose norms function to take care of every one?

4. How are we using our freedom to encourage other people to use their freedom, to discern the right action, to make the right choices and honor our values and commitments?

5.     How do people gain the power to participate in the creation of culture?

Note: Even though this is just a part of the set of criteria for evaluating a project,
it does show the need for a paradigm shift.

More in depth and detail:

Howard Richards, The Evaluation of Cultural Action. London: Macmillan, 1985

Howard Richards, "The Nehru Lecture, Evaluation for Constructive Development."


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