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The global economy is deficient in or lacks these economic principles entirely:
Understanding the Global Economy

Comprensión de la
economía mundial

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Economics is not a science that we can apply universally like chemistry. Economics is not even a general science of human society, such as anthropology, which attempts to study all forms of culture. The data of economics come mainly from accounting and bookkeeping because the models of economics apply mainly in the function of accountants and bookkeepers. Instead of saying that every society has an economic base, we should say that every culture has an ecological context. The general science of humanity's interaction with the Earth and other living systems is ecology as bionomics, not economics. Culture is the overall survival strategy for Homo sapiens, its ecological niche. Economic society is a special form of culture.—Howard Richards, Understanding the Global Economy, part 8, "How to Work for Justice in the Global System"

This site is about the 2004 book Understanding the Global Economy, which describes an economic practice with the goal of meeting the needs of all the life on this planet, Earth. This book:

The mainstream economy (ME), the competitive market for profit and growth is effective for fewer of us. The ME can
work for all of us and it ought to choose that duty as its ethics. We explain to the ME how to do the necessary work of care for all life.

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