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Stop CAFTA: the Central America free trade agreement

Jobs with justice
Jobs with Justice: Help save lives in the poorest countries: send an e-card to the World Bank/IMF Debt and Development Coalition of Ireland. While claiming to fight poverty, the IMF and the World Bank are draining the lifeblood out of the poorest countries in debt payments. The IMF and the World Bank are the most significant creditors of the poorest countries in the world. Therefore, send an e-card to the World Bank and IMF calling on them to mark their 60th anniversary by canceling the debts of the poorest countries of our world: Jubilee 2000. See the Jubilee Debt Campaign, as well for more about the worldwide debt crisis, which gives lenders a perverse type of power.

An activist correspondence amidst the struggle for social justice

Dear Professor Benjamin Borden,

Can we organize a hunger strike in our community on October 27 through the 29th? If so, how would you go about it? What would be the value of it for all who are touched by it?

Keith McHenry,
Food Not Bombs

Professor Borden's reply

Subject: American University Hunger Strike and Fast
Date: Sun, 17 Oct. 2004 21:42:10 -0400
From: Benjamin Borden <>

Dear Keith McHenry,

Washington DC is known for its transient population of business professionals and students who come and go from the city without a second glance at the disparity between the flawlessly manicured federal buildings and the surrounding poverty. There is a rapidly growing divide in this country between those who have and those who have not, which include the social and educational systems of both.

If the current trend continues, more and more generations will vanquish in state of poverty and debt with no plausible means of escape. We, as members both of this community and students, refuse to turn away from the reality of this situation. Instead, we stand in solidarity with our fellow country persons, Washingtonians and humans who struggle daily to provide adequate food for themselves and their families.

On October 27 through the 29, the American University Collective Against Hunger and Homelessness will host the first annual Hunger Strike and Fest, a three day festival complete with local and national speakers, live music and food, all free and open to the public. We will do this to raise awareness about serious issues such as gentrification, poverty and homelessness.

Members of the AU Hunger and Homelessness Collective will take part in a three-day hunger strike as both a sign of unity with our fellow humans and as a challenge to the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates, who have yet to brooch the subject of American poverty or gentrification on a large scale. Could you provide a speaker willing to address a related issue at Hunger Strike and Fest? If not, we would still greatly appreciate your joining us for some food, dialogue and live music all supporting a great cause. Please e-mail or call me for further scheduling information.

Peace through justice,

Benjamin Borden (202) 538-0978


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